Kodlee Yin
Kirkland, Washington
September '17 - Present
Software Engineer
  • TBD...
Multiple Locations
June - September '14, '15, '16
Software Engineering Intern
  • Engineered Bigtable-based systems and implemented map-reduce jobs that improved site reliability
  • Collaborated with peers to create backend tools that interfaced with site databases for CSRs
  • Composed frontend features and constructed experiments to evaluate their performance
  • Added improvements to internal processes that severely improved code quality and maintainability
  • Forged new data pipelines and designed dashboards to monitor key metrics and introduce triggered alerts
  • Scripted code health and testing improvement programs to increase code transparency for faster development
Revenue Management Systems, Inc.
Seattle, Washington
January '14 - March '15
Software Engineer
  • Built tools to automate mundane tasks
  • Co-produced a web-based dashboard that tracked overall system health
  • Developed a modern, responsive, mobile-first website
Mercer Island School District
Mercer Island, Washington
September '12 - July '13
Web Application Developer
  • Created a dynamic web-based computer lab reservation system, complete with ticketing support; to be used by a 4,000 student school district
Seattle, Washington
'08 - Present
Web Developer / Database Manager
  • Pioneering with experimental web technologies such as Canvas, WebAudio, and DOMApplications
  • Maintaining server hardware and infrastructure along with server security
  • Using professional video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to edit production-quality videos
  • Supporting and maintaining multiple popular game servers that host 500+ member communities
Education and Achievements
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington
September '14 - June '17
Informatics - June 2017
Boy Scouts of America
Mercer Island, Washington
September '06 - September '13
Eagle Scout - September 2013
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